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  Our Process

The CTAAB process begins with the submission of a letter of intent to the Staff Director. Pertinent information from the letter of intent is posted on the web in the CTAAB Review Log to allow for competing applications to be submitted. The letter of intent is reviewed against appropriateness criteria from CTAAB's Mission Statement and Screening Criteria. The potential applicant is informed in writing if the project will not be reviewed by CTAAB. If the project meets CTAAB's criteria for review, Staff Director sends an application to the proponent, who submits it for review. The issue is further researched utilizing peer-reviewed journals, information from experts and documentation from the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, where applicable.

The Technology Assessment Committee or Capacity Consultant reviews the complete application, performs a detailed analysis of the issues and forwards its findings to CTAAB. CTAAB investigates and makes a judgement on the issue, carefully considering the impact on all members of the community. CTAAB's non-binding judgement is conveyed to the local payers for consideration in the formulation of their reimbursement policies.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to the Staff Director.

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